Wauwatosa Public Library Library Cards


Patrons must be residents of Milwaukee County and bring in one form of ID with their current address. (Driver’s license or Wisconsin State ID preferred, but recent utility bills, bank statements or similar evidence of residence may be accepted. ) There is no charge for residents of Milwaukee County.

Any non-resident may purchase a Non-resident Card, which carries some restrictions. (Current rate: $100.00/year. Inquire at the Circulation Desk.)

Business Owners

Wauwatosa business owners, who are not County residents, are entitled to a Business Card at no charge that carries some restrictions.


Children who are under age 15 must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian to get a card at no charge, but must be at least 4 years old. Children 15 and older may get a card without a parent present, but must have an ID with current address. Otherwise, a parent or legal guardian must be present and provide an ID.

School Year Card

Students who live outside of Milwaukee County and attend a school located in Wauwatosa may have a free Wauwatosa Public Library Card that is valid from September through June. Proof of enrollment in a Wauwatosa school is required and the parent or guardian signing permission for a child to have a School Year card must show a current, valid ID with an address on it. The School Year Card can only be used at the Wauwatosa Public Library.


Library cards need to be renewed every two years by providing an acceptable ID with current address. Patrons who have provided an email address will be notified at the beginning of the month in which their card will expire.

Please Note: Registration for cards will be processed up to 15 minutes before closing.