COVID-19 Resources: Volunteer Opportunities


Stay engaged and active in the community during the COVID-19 social distancing and quarantine.

Become a Smithsonian Digital Volunteer and help us make historical documents and biodiversity data more accessible.  Join 18,006 “volunpeers” to add more to the total 534,922 pages of field notes, diaries, ledgers, logbooks, currency proof sheets, photo albums, manuscripts, biodiversity specimen labels that have been collaboratively transcribed and reviewed since June 2013 – Get started now!

Wisconsin Historical Society COVID-19 Journal Project – A big moment in history is happening right now. COVID-19 is having a major impact on all of our lives. As we practice social distancing, and spend more time at home, it is easy to feel isolated from the things you love. We know how much you love history, and until we can welcome you back to the Society, the Library & Archives, and our sites and museums, we are going to bring more history straight to you! Here are some free resources to get you started on your adventure through the past.

Be a United Way VolunteerWhere can people go to learn more about current volunteer activities available to them during this situation?  The United Way team is in daily contact with our 80+ agency program partners. We will continue to update our community’s Urgent Volunteer Needs on United Way’s online volunteer registration website – Volunteers United. These urgent needs are currently highlighted on our website and will continue to grow and change as our community bans together throughout this challenging situation.

Family Search   You can help Family Search by transcribing historical, hand written documents.  To find a project click Indexing — Find a project — United States.  They are currently indexing Wisconsin Naturalization records.

Online Volunteering – Organizations and volunteers working together for peace and development.

Red Cross – our own network of generous donors, volunteers and employees share a mission of preventing and relieving suffering here at home and around the world.

Catchafire is looking for pro bono professionals to donate skills through 1-hour phone calls and/or fully fledged projects.

Amnesty Decoders is an innovative platform for volunteers around the world to use their computers or phones to help our researchers sift through pictures, information and documents.

Crisistexline is the free 24/7 text line for people in crisis in the United States.  Crisis counselors answer texts from people in crisis, bringing them from a hot moment to a cool calm through active listening, problem solving and safety planning.

Zooniverse – the world’s largest and most popular platform for people powered research.  Our goal is to enable research that would not be possible, practical or otherwise.  Zooniverse research results in new discoveries, datasets useful to the wider research community.

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