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Search Tips

  • ▼ Sorting Results
    The newest version of the MCFLS catalog uses a single search box like Google. Results can be sorted in three ways:

    Relevance (the default)

    Each result will have an icon displaying what type of item it is, a short description of the item, a list of libraries that own a copy, and a book jacket if one is available. Most likely your search will return a lot of results that you can then narrow.

  • ▼ Refining Your Search
    Once your search is complete, you can use the facets (or limiters) on the left hand side of the screen under “Refine by” to narrow a broad topic to the specific item you desire. The facets we use are:

    Availability: See whether an item is currently at a library (either available for checkout or in a reference section) or available online.

    Found In: Limit more specifically where the search term was found. Three options can appear here: author, title or subject.

    Format: Choose books, articles, audiobooks, DVDs, music CDs, ebooks, electronic audiobooks, graphic novels, etc.

    Location: Limit to a specific library location that owns the item or a reading level (adult, young adult, children).

    Language: Find books in foreign languages or translations. You can also eliminate them from your results by selecting English.

    Tag: Search subjects noted by both librarians and members of the library community, very helpful for broader searching.

    Place: Filter by the geographic setting of the book or film

    Publish Date: Look for an item from a specific time. This can be very useful when multiple movies have the same title.

  • ▼ Narrowing Your Search
    Below the facets, our new catalog supplies suggestions for additional searches in the form of Established Terms and Additional Suggestions. These terms are pulled from the standard subject headings of items returned by the initial search. Established Terms will usually generate a more narrowly defined search, returning the specific item you intended to find.Conversely, the Additional Suggestions offer much broader terms. If you don’t have exact information about the item you are looking for, or if you would like to see more items like the ones you have already found, then use the Additional Suggestions to search genres.

  • ▼ Advanced Search
    By clicking Advanced Search, you can combine terms to execute a search. Add as many as you like by clicking on “And,” “Or,” and “Not.” Further limit your search by selecting Format, Location, Language, and Year Published. You can add additional formats, collections, and languages by clicking the plus sign next to each field.

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