Art Exhibition Space at Wauwatosa Public Library

Firefly Art ExhibitionsThe Firefly Art Gallery is located on the main floor of the library east of the Circulation Desk. Gallery space is available to professional artists and art organizations free of charge. The gallery is open for public viewing during hours the library is open.

One function of the Wauwatosa Library is to provide access to available intellectual and cultural resources. Therefore, exhibits and programs may be planned to direct the public’s attention to materials and services available in the Library, or to provide exposure to the work of artists and craft persons as well as items of historical and general interest.

The Library administration shall review the content and arrangement of all exhibits. The Library Board reserves the right to reject any part of an exhibit or to change the manner of display.

All publicity materials relating to exhibits shall be submitted for approval by the Library.

1. Exhibitors must sign a waiver stating that they will not hold the Library or the City of Wauwatosa responsible for any loss or damage of their exhibit.

2. No prices may be posted, but a price list will be available at the Circulation desk.

3. Transactions for the purchase of exhibit items shall be directly between the purchaser and the exhibitor or an official agent.

4. The Library shall receive no fees, commissions, or other remuneration in connection with the sale of exhibit items.

5. No exhibit material which is sold during its display in the Library may be removed from the exhibit before the end of the exhibition unless such removal and rearrangement of the display is approved by the Library.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees of the Wauwatosa Public Library on February 8, 2011.

To arrange for an exhibit or for additional information, contact Cori Lutz at (414) 471-8487.

Current Exhibition

Robert Folz: Artist – Sculptor – Photographer

Robert is a freelance artist living in Wauwatosa for the last 40 years.

Working in painting, sculpture, ceramics, photography and mixed media for most of his adult life, he has exhibited in Wisconsin galleries since 1980. After obtaining a degree in Pharmacy at the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 1973, he worked as a pharmacist at the Milwaukee County Medical Complex for 42 years.  He retired in 2015.  Robert has taken numerous courses in all aspects of art & design at UW-Madison, Milwaukee & Waukesha.

The series of mixed media paintings now in the gallery incorporates his own photos taken around Wauwatosa and from his trip to Antarctica in 2015.  They attempt to show the exquisite beauty seen in the patterns, colors and diversity observed everywhere in the natural world.  The mixed media paintings attempt to show this beauty that is all around us.

Robert’s email address is:

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