Wauwatosa Public Library
Computer and Wi-Fi Access

Computers and Free Wi-Fi AccessThere are 18 public use computers in the adult computer area. In addition to Internet access, each of these computers provides:


Wi-Fi access is available throughout the library for our patrons. If you experience any difficulties connecting, please visit the Library Information Desk.


Printing is via networked color laser printers located at the Information Desk:

Logging On

Milwaukee County Users will log on with a valid Library card.  Out of county users should see the adult reference librarian.

Users log on for a maximum 1 ½ hour session which may be extended for up to another hour and a half if no one is waiting for a machine. Reservations for the next available computer can be made in the library, but reservations for specific times are not taken and reservations cannot be made from outside the building.

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