We are always Reading……

By Laurie Fels
June 3, 2020

Dear Children’s Library patrons

The Wauwatosa Public Library Children’s Department strives for continuous literacy support.  The following are just a few options to help your child in their literacy engagement:

Significantly, Wauwatosa Public Library frames reading as intrinsically valuable.  Therefore, an extrinsic reward (e.g. prize, coupon, trinket, etc.) in return for reading devalues the reading itself:

Please contact us with questions, ideas, or for more information about the research behind rewards.

We strongly feel children should have the chance to read for the joy of reading.

Your Wauwatosa Children’s Librarians

Our Stance on Literacy

We are always reading and we are always learning.  Literacy is social and requires practice.  As literacy advocates, we support and value reading engagement all year long. We welcome your child’s conversations regarding their reading.

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